How to create an author website with WordPress

Learn how to create an author website using WordPress. These introductory videos walk through the steps to set up your own website. The video demonstration uses the free WordPress hosting at These are pretty informal, so I hope you find them helpful!

Part 1 – setting up your website


Part 2 – customizing the look and feel


Part 3 – adding an author bio and a blog post


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  1. Beth Haley Wernick
    Beth Haley Wernick
    June 19, 2015 at 11:20 pm Reply

    Thank you, Michael! This was helpful in getting me more prepared for and less overwhelmed about delving into building my writer/artist website. Great job at the SCBWI meet-up and fabulous for us that you volunteered your time to walk us through website building and getting that started. Great to have the Powerpoint, too, as a refresher/reminder.

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